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Why fathers are needed more than ever and need to be accountable

With the changes in society always accepting everything and anything, we are at a time of crossroads. The family structure is no longer the structure God intended it to be. However, many are baffled or can’t comprehend why we are having our children are falling to the wayside. Children have no respect for the elders or parents for that matter. Our youth are being locked up at the age of 10 years old. Kids are shooting other kids. Many kids have no outlet to express themselves or a safe place to play. Gangs are targeting and replacing the family because the father in most cases are no longer in the home. I tired of this craziness and it effect mostly my brothers and sisters.

Ladies need to make our men more accountable and when you decide to bring a life in this world take ownership and make that man responsible or at least make sure the man you arr meeting is a man that will be around for that child. Stop settling for peanuts and have enough sense to be with a man that really wants to be with you and your child. Women stop falling for the line, really? It only leads to most of the time of having a baby and you’re not prepared, kids cost! What you should be doing, is ask questions. Do you have a job and how long you been on that job? What are your intentions with me and where do you see us in the next five years? Did you graduate, do you have an education. You on your own or live with your mom, does your mom stay with you? How do you treat your mom? Knowing how a man handles his parents will tell you a lot, trust me on this.

Men you need to ask questions. Ladies been doing to us for years, make sure she has her affairs in order. Men who think they are all that you are NOT! Stop making false promises and just go around making babies. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Men who decide to father a child that is not yours make sure you are prepared and ready. You concluded that because the deadbeat dads are not in the child life, you are stepping up to the plate. Be real and honest with yourself. Keep in mind it’s going to be rough for a minute depending on the age of the children. The children must feel safe and know you will be there throughout their changes and growing pains. Women if you have a man (real man) that is willing and wanting to raise your child that don’t belong to him. You must without question make sure you have that talk with your child in front of that man. To ensure you two are the on the same page, children need love and most importantly balance. You want to see major changes in our society. Dads need to be more involved. Most of the time, things that are put in place are coming from a woman perspective because DADS are missing. This is in the home, workforce, schools, and business. You can’t complain if you’re not helping with the change.

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