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Mr. Major E. Collins is the founder of in 2016.

He started this organization to bring awareness to fathers of their responsibility and to their children first, their family second, and our community, especially in South Florida. His grass-roots efforts have enabled him to work with

  • The School Board of Broward County,

  • The 5000 Role Models of Excellence,

  • The Faith Center Ministries,

  • City of Deerfield Beach Back to School Initiatives,

  • Broward Alliance of Black School Educators

  • HOT 105 with Rodney Baltimore.

He has also volunteered with Manatee Bay Elementary, The Mayors Chess Challenge of Broward County, and Career Day speaker at several South Florida Elementary, Middle, and High Schools.


In addition, Mr. Collins has a monthly blog on real-life real-world issues that fathers deal with such as dating, marriage, raising children in specific situations, mental health, spiritual health, physical, health and more on his website


He was featured in the Chicago Based - "Just Me Magazine" in June 2017 and "Men of Valor" Award June 2019 for his role as a father and community servant. Most of all he is a proud son, father, husband, brother, and most of all Man of God serving the community and US Army Veteran.




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