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Happy Fathers Day 2023 from

Many times, fathers we are overlooked. But the truth of the matter is we needed more than ever before. The culture has changed, and society is confusing kids with what’s good for them. It is not the job of the police or the school to raise children or discipline them. It starts at home when they put their feet on the ground and walk out that door. We are not their friends. We are the dad that’s preparing them for life challenges. How we treat ourselves and our girlfriend, fiancé, or wife. They see all that and formatting in their brain how things are to be…if you’re a dad in the home, you dictate the atmosphere within the home.

There are times, real dads are wrong and imperfect! Mistakes are made and own up to them. It gives them the opportunity to show that character side of you in a positive way. Listen when a child opens to you, they are showing trust, listen really listen without judgment. Guide them in the right direction with love. Truth be told, a lot of times they do not get it. When my child one day told me what she is experiencing when walking between classes, she is at a top Magnum school. I was like wow. Some of the things we saw when we got out in the world after high school. Just to give you an idea. Kids smoking weed, having sex in the bathroom both straight and gay. Just a few things. it does not matter if you’re in a private school or not. It’s all over the middle school and up. They see and hear a lot and staying on track of what we ask is a lot but needed. Listen, it is my job to be in their business and at times agitate them. That is needed to ensure they are not being pulled under peer pressure or doing something that can cause all the hard work they did. Please talk to them about safety in the house and their own surroundings. Human trafficking in South Florida is at an all-time high. Do not let your child leave the house being naïve. One last thing, no matter what speaks in existence the success of your child and children. I am doing it regularly with prayers, just do it! Thank you, Dad.

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