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We love our Sports!

Well most of us are die-hard college and professional fans of football and basketball. The NFL season is over and we only have NBA and college NCAA basketball left. We challenge our friends, loved ones, rival and co-workers when it comes to our teams. Fathers, it will even be a rivalry between your child and children to the point you will want to just look at them crazy, especially when their team beat yours. My own daughter is a traitor for liking a team that is not part of this household. She forgets we buy the jerseys and needs to be reminded, but in love. It's just fun…until her team loses.

It's a time of bonding and really having fun. Fathers, that's what it's all about. Just being able to spend quality time which your child or children. It’s great and it really feels good because they grow up fast and venture off to what they like to do. Enjoy the moment and always cherish the time spent with your child or children. Fathers until my next post, strive to be the best dad you can be!

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