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We are not getting younger dads!

I wrote this for the older dads. The ones that when your child turns 18, you’re in your 50s.

The early 50s and late 50s; there’s a period where you decide what matters and don’t. I have never been a follower and really did not care what people think that look forward to my failures. I’ve pretty much worn a "D" on my chest determined to succeed. For those dads, who took a chance, don’t stop. I never wanted to be the guy that said I wish I had more guts to step out there and go for mine. Many times, I would fail, but I kept getting back up and praying just a little harder for strength. There was a time at a church I belong to, and the individual made the comment about how is he becoming successful overnight. It’s like every time he said he going to do something he does. How? Well, I sure did not worry what others think or even laugh at me when I set my mind on It and did something about it.

Let’s back up here, a lot of things did not come overnight, I put in the work, and lots of it because I wanted to make a difference. As you get older you find ways to work smarter and use the little knowledge you have. You never stop learning and reinventing yourself, promote yourself. When you carry this kind of mindset you children will want to emulate you and do well in all they do.

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