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Dad: It's called peace of mind!

Updated: Mar 17

Being stressed, depressed, and hiding it is not healthy. Many of us, especially veterans, hide how we feel. When we go through these behaviors can influence our interaction with others. It also can affect our mindset and how we manage work, relationships, and family. Then there are times you isolate yourself because you feel no one understands and no one can help you. At times this leads to suicide. Let’s deal with stress first. you must find a way to excise regularly, a brisk walk, run or jog. you can even join a gym and join some of the fitness classes they have. The reason I stress this is that if you have a hectic job like me, a wife, and children/child you need a good outlet to keep your body running well. you can’t keep running a car and don’t change the oil and expected it to run efficiently, the car will break down. You must eat right. I’m laughing. I’m guilty of this, for the most part, I do eat right and balance my meals. Every now and then I’m a junkie for junk food. Look here I love ice cream, popcorn, and pizza.

Let's move on to depression, I can’t stress enough we all need to speak to a professional when it seems all is lost. There is nothing like feeling you don’t belong, and no one values you. You can’t think there’s no help. This is the first time coming out of Covid -19 that we have a large number of people seeking help, but don’t give up. If you need to yell, cry get it out, I did at one moment in my life. I felt like Job in the Bible, seriously everything that could go wrong did. However, slowly things started to turn around. I got help; I made numerous changes. I set short-term goals and made them. I surrounded myself at the time with people who had my best interest. Let me put it bluntly: I was intentionally put in jail, homeless with only the clothes on my back. You must fight to be happy, fight to have peace of mind, and know that God did not have you end your story here!

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