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To Graduates of 2019

Attention Dads from kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school and even college. It is that time of year and with anticipation, expectations, and excitement, the time has arrived for your child or children to graduate. It does not matter the sleepless nights or debates you have with your child or children. You can stand proud that they have come through another year. The time had flown when they were just grasping and understanding reading, math, science, and art. This was all new to you and them. Each year brings different challenges for the parents and child, but you hung in there, you stuck to your guns, dads, and moms. We must be tough, with love. The world has become more complex, and if you are not ready and prepared for those changes you will fall behind. Even I am caught up, sitting here watching my little girl becoming a young woman, and I am like what! It is true we treat our daughters and sons different.

However, there are no exceptions when it comes to being educated and respectful. You must think of it as the last line of defense before the world gets their hands on them. I prayed, prayed, and did more praying. God knows many people prayed for me through my difficulties, as well as my success. I was determined and knew God was not done with me yet. I wore that on my chest like Superman. We must instill this fire in our child and children. So, congratulations to the class of 2019 from

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