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There is nothing better than to put a smile on the Mothers' face!

This is for the mother that always listened to you, even when you was wrong. She gave you heart and compassion towards others. She was there for you during your good and bad. She celebrated your victories as well as your downfalls. There were times she defended you when no one else would, wiped away your tears and showed you how to be strong without raising your hands.

She was your biggest cheerleader when you hit that shot or won that race. She relentlessly prayed for you and your safety. She did all this because she is your “Mother” Honor the mother who raised your child. She would see to it that the child needs were met, would spend countless hours teaching and showing you how to get things done before her needs. She would see to it that your child’s school work and any other projects was up to expectations. When it was necessary, she administered discipline to your child but did it in love.

Whether you have the resources or not, she would make sure everything was ok. If you want to know a prayer warrior, it was she prayed over you and your child. When people say “Is there any superwomen out there?” when does not require a cape. It is a mother of your child who presses on through all good and some bad.

Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers who know they are doing their child right. What I mean by this is to celebrate the mothers who offer their child or children every opportunities to become great, and not hinder them in being a success story. That to me is a Mother. Fathers let us celebrate the great Mothers out there and wish them a Happy Mother’s Day!

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