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There is Always Room to Grow!

When it seems that everything is going your way, take a moment to look again. Sometimes we have to ask those around us to see where we are. Things may be good, but from someone else input can shed some light. We as fathers can be overwhelming, that we do not see how we are treating others. As good fathers, we want the best for our family while moving to the next level. Trust me; there is nothing wrong with that. It is how we go about it. Sometimes our children or spouse that has to bring us back into perspective. We forget the little things that made us into who we are. Always take the time to ask, reflect and then act. Many of us fathers have already mastered the art of communications if so well done. Keep in mind do not ever think you are too big to learn to form a child or an adult. If you want a sure thing to keep God close, and you will not fail even when things look impossible.

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