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Tablets, laptops, and computers and Prison!

As fathers, technology is here to stay and our children are all over it. We must be diligent to monitor what are children are seeing and doing on these devices. These are excellent for teaching and learning, and if used correctly it can advance your children’s ability to be successful later in life. However, it’s our responsibility because right now the world doesn't care about what your child can access online. We must actively participate in our children’s lives by consistently monitoring these devices by any means necessary.

In addition, we need to actively make sure your child is proficient and on or above grade level on standardized tests. Real talk! Fathers every loan you take out towards a house, car, and business; banks use the interest to build juvenile centers and prisons for our children to go to as predicted by the 3rd and 4th grade standardized tests. Wake up Fathers and Stay involved!

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