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Summer is Over... Football is Here!

Father’s summer is over…Football Season is here!

Yes, yes, yes, The Cuse (as in Syracuse University), The U (as in University of Miami), The Philadelphia Eagles and The Pittsburgh Steelers are my teams. Time to wear your jersey and hats of your favorite college and professional teams. You can bond with other dads and your children. It is a win, win. The grills come out to BBQ, families order pizza, and wings. Go to your favorite store and get your favorite beverages. Setup your man-cave, decorate it with your favorite team logos and pictures along you 50, 60, or 75 inch screen TV and surround-sound baby. Fathers start talking smack against other teams that are losing and dancing when your team wins. For those who are really enthusiasts, create your fantasy teams, just for bragging rights at the end of the seasons.

Even though you are not out there playing or taking the hit, scream at the referee for making such a bogus call. It will be okay, and you know the office where you at you can stick your chest because you know your team is representing. But don’t forget, it is always about including your children and making them a part of your sports experiences. At the end of the day, it is all good Dads.

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