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Saying Goodbye to Mom!

Fathers no one wants to say goodbye to a love one or the last time.

It’s not easy burying your mother, father, or child. Death is not something easily to deal with especially when it’s someone who has been a main influence in your life. We all deal with it in a different ways. Some of us yell and scream, with no understanding. Some of us will become withdrawn and try to cope through it. There are some of us we stay busy so we can be strong for others in our family. However, many of us will pray like never before and will ask others to keep us in prayer. We as fathers should also lift one another up in time of need and be there for one another. This week, my sisters and I have to bury our mother. I am glad I was able to at least make my mother proud. When she looks down, she will be able to smile.


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