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Real Talk Dads in 2019!

Updated: Feb 19

I am sitting here at my desk thinking about what can I do in 2019. There must be a changes dads, and together we can move mountains. Underneath our skin, one thing is the same, we all have the same blood pumping in our veins. We need to continue to carry the torch for what is happening to our children. The year of 2019, you can no longer stand in the shadows. Today our children are not coming up the way we did. Today, we have to wonder if they will come home when they leave our house. We have to talk with our children to be aware of your surroundings, how to use a cell phone in case of emergencies and so much more. What actions should they take when there is a code red at school?

LOVE is an action word; we must wear like a shield when it comes to our kids. We are their superheroes. Dads, we are not our children's friend (until they graduate from college and they are making it on their own). Many Dads ( and sometimes mothers too) are so busy trying to be a friend instead of being a parent. Not me! It is my God-given duty to raise you and teach you to survive in this cruel world. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy fun challenges with my child in chess, basketball, play sing-off, dance and sometimes kind of get crazy and have outright fun. There has to be balance, and then it is back to business. I cannot stress this enough stay in your child's activities even if they do not like them if you want to save yourself some stress in the future. For 2019, Dads, I urge you to no longer stand in the shadows! Be Bold and Be Impactful!

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