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Real love Dads! Real talk!

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

This is going to be a hot topic and open your eyes. Love is in the air, googly eyes, and butterflies in your stomach.

PLEASE STOP! Men and women ask themselves this question: is this someone that you can spend your life with? I used a method that's kind of corny but works most of the time. It will not work if someone portrays someone they are not and hides it for years. Listen and save yourself some headaches and stress in years to come.

Male or female, we all have something to work on but that's not what I'm talking about. I ask twenty-five questions from family to being intimate. If a person gets defensive, then run. Asking is a way to see if they are going to be able to express and communicate effectively with their partner. You should be able to discuss what you expect in the relationship, and respect what they are offering. If it's a similar match, then move forward. Men or women you don't want to be set up for a one-night stand or someone who's just looking for a future booty call. After the wild lovemaking and out-of-breath are done. can you have a conversation with this person, seriously can they pique your interest outside the bedroom?

Stay away from broken men and women until they can heal from their brokenness, and don't bring it into your relationship. Trust me it will become toxic! If you let someone know from jump street that you want a person who goes to church with you, exercises with you, and get out and enjoyed a movie or concert. Make sure they understand you are serious about this. That way they can never say, you never told them this. Many women do this and see oh he got it going on or see the potential and hold that person up for the one that should have been in their life by putting on a false face. mature men will be like ok. They will find someone that's not only their best friend but their real love. It will be a 360-degree better than you. They will not boast because word will get out that they are in a happier place. Listen, men and women, let God fight your battles and yes, we are human there are times we get angry because we can't understand how it happens. Stay the course! The man or woman you are looking for is out there for YOU!

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