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Patience + Mindset = The formula for being a better Dad

We want more and better for our family. Sometimes when there is so much going on, you have to just take a breather and know that God has a plan. In this crazy world, we are constantly on the move. For those fathers who are trying to lead by example and set the future up for their children, it not easy. It doesn’t matter if things are going good or bad, you have to tighten your belt press forward. You see this is not the time to quit or give in. Being a dad is a lot of work; you have to manage many things in your life such as your job, your health, and yes, even your mindset. Having a good mindset takes any man a long time when you are determined to stay on top of your game. Surround yourself around other good men and take the time to hang out and network with good men. You are never alone unless you choose to be. As fathers continue to be patient, continue to change your thinking. Most of all help and support one another to be better men.

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