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OK, Dads it's Graduation Season!

This has been a roller coaster year and every year up to high school and eventually college is just the beginning of your child or children being successful. The excitement when your child has accomplished their goals to make to the next grade. Even better when they make honor roll or other achievements. After all, you have spent many hours and nights doing whatever it took to see that they are doing the work, and nothing came easy. The most important thing is providing a home that gives them the ability to excel. When a father is employed and is making sure certain things are being taking care of (roof over your head, food, clothing, utilities and anything else that needs to be done) many of us are blessed with a woman that help and genuine knows what to do to also see that their child is successful. Your wife, lady, or special woman in your life will be forever grateful for you.

For the fathers that are doing it alone or have challenges with the mother, let it go. You have no idea until it’s said and done the influence you have on your child by staying involved and not make it about you. They succeed better because you are in their life. I’m telling you right now don’t ever let know woman tell you that you are not that important to be a part of that child life. Only you can make that decision and if you do decide not to be in their life, then make sure you don’t come back and screw their life up. God has a way to place a good man in their life to be a father and showing what love really is. It is outright sad, distasteful and downright pathetic when a dad shows up because the child turns out to be doctor, dentist, NFL, NBA, movie or TV star you want to say that my girl or boy. Tell that person " You need to sit your butt down somewhere."

However, to the child(ren) who does not feel wanted or loved by their father, forgive and prove him wrong. Do this so that the child blessing is not blocked and to prevent underlying issues in the future because the dad was not there. Good fathers, we are going to be dads to other children that are not even ours. Take the opportunity to encourage and empower that child. Imagine what we say or do can change the outcome of many children. That would be awesome!!! So, when she or he graduates and is full of smiles, the best thing that will happen is "Thanks Dad!"

Congratulations to the Class of 2018

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