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Nothing Like a Mother

This is my last blog for 2017. My heart is filled with mixed emotions during the holidays. Many dads out there will relate too what I'm going to say when you lose your mother. Now, this wasn't my birth mother, but a mother that raised me. What she did and how she did it was introduce me to the "best gift". Mrs. Freeman introduced me to Jesus. When I was lost, depressed and confused I would fall on my knees and pray. I would keep my Bible like most people carried a credit card. She instilled in me to be compassionate, humble and help others. She made sure I was nobody's fool by any means. Now I have a Godmother Sis. Gainor, who never gave up on me when I had personal challenges. Finally, to my soon-to-be a mother in law Mrs. Lynnette Weech-Washington; I don't even know how to say thank you enough. If it weren't for this fantastic woman, I would not be a college graduate, I would not be working my federal job, and there would be

Yes, I have a lot of supporters that believed in me and encouraged me because it was in me. These mothers went beyond to see to my success I'm always thankful for them. I LOVE YOU MOTHERS FOR WHAT YOU DONE FOR ME! Dads, you only have one mother. Love, cherish and give her flowers while she is here.

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