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Ladies, let me talk to you. Delayed but not denied when you find a good man!

For years living in Florida, I used to hear there are no good African American men out there or an African American father to do what he is supposed to do. Even society tries to paint a picture of African American men. Let us not forget injustice towards the African American men (prisons and hiring system) Many times. We had to double our credentials to be considered for a good salary job. The justice sentence would take a misdemeanor and turn it into a felony for the African American men. So, I did my research, and it really didn't matter that I was a good dad or husband. I needed to take a step further and prove the statements made for years by African American women and society are not correct… So here is my take: many women had a good man or husband for that matter. Perfect example, he did everything to keep you happy without the dream job or finance because he was in college or just got out of college or even lost a job for more than 10yrs.

Before I continue, I want to thank the small percentage of women that saw greatness in their man and how you are reaping the benefits that God has shown through him. Alright back to what I was saying., many of you ladies let your girlfriend and family talk you out of a good man. You did not have the backbone or willingness to believe in your man. Then you have the woman that has a good husband and puts these ridiculous demands on him when you are not doing anything to contribute or motivate your husband. It doesn't matter if he is your boyfriend or husband; you will regret the day you bailout, and another woman is enjoying all the spoils because you want it now! Then you have the woman thinking her new man is going to replace a father who is good for your child or children because he has a little more bling. Truth be told, he was just shopping for the booty. Your child or children are miserable because he does not give them the time of day! Another thing, Stop! Using your child to get back at him because things didn't work out, or he missed a child support payment.

Life happens, and I am quite sure he tried to work with you, but your selfish behind was not trying to hear it. Keeping it real, many of you need Jesus yesterday. Woman, you have all the power, real powers. You ask what power! When a man loves you, let me say that again! When a man loves a woman, and you say the right thing. He will go out there and battle the world for both of you. Men love to ride a dead woman. He knows she got his back. Have you considered that your attitude and being in the wrong place to meet a good man is the reason you have not found one? Fyi there is no perfect man or woman; I like to say thank you to those women who recognized not only themselves but the man they are with. Nothing so beautiful in my eyes, seeing a family being successful and running after God's heart. Thank you for your time and for reading many of the articles I write dealing with children, men, and women.

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