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Holidays! The Christmas Season has Begun!

The Holidays!! It is a time to shop and get gifts for our loved ones. We make sure we please the people who have been most influential to us. Our children make it a point to let us know the latest toy or gadget. Fathers, they do their best to let us understand how they appreciate it if we get it for them. Our children put on their best show to know how they have to have it. Fathers, in our house, as well as the rest of the family, gifts are nice, but remembering Jesus is even greater. I look at the entire year on what they have accomplished in school, treating others (parents and their peers) that determined the gifts they will receive. It is a blessing that they are not ones to ask, but wait and see what is under the tree. Because of this behavior, they're happy just to receive a gift. Their godmother, the grandmother, blesses them. Parents and others that all I can do is smile. They really, truly earned their gifts. Fathers it refreshing when your child or children talk about how good God is and can reflect on his goodness. Very refreshing fathers when your kids ask you where are we volunteering to those who do not have. I just love it; it lets me know as a father I’m doing my job as a Father! Be safe, be blessed, and beloved parents Merry Christmas.

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