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Have Fun, Even when you are Tired!

I swear these children today would put the EverReady bunny to shame. When they wake up in the morning until night fall they are going now stop. I’ve learned to always be prepared when she wants to just have fun. This can extend from balancing a balloon on her arms to playing “Thumb War”. Honestly, I have to laugh because there are times I just want to chill. However I remember that they just want your time and attention. So I’m cool with it. When a father has a busy schedule providing, that leaves you little time to spend with them, so when they see a window open, they will take it. I’m blessed to have the weekends off from work, so when I am running on fumes this is what I do. I’ll take my daughter to the park and sit in the shade. I’ll find a good show or movie for us to watch. I will read a book to her and let her pick the book. You can even bake cookies or cook a meal together. These are just a few suggestions that don’t required a lot of effort while at the same time you still spend time with them.

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