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Happy New Year

To start, I'm blessed to be able to see another year. I never take for granted time spent with loved ones. Fathers the time spent with your fiance’, wife, child and children is priceless. Throughout the good and bad as father's we rise above to see that are family is taken care of.

For me and my fianceé and I, we ended out 2016 with a bang while being able to a see family we haven’t seen in over 25-30 years. To see loved ones and friends who are doing well is priceless. So this year continue to have a positive impact on those who are in your close circle.

Finally, something new and exciting from Dads be on Duty.

This year we are asking fathers to give their advice on their experiences of being a father. Email me your thoughts and experiences at

The Best Year for Fathers in 2017

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