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Fathers, You need God in your life to be successful

I am not perfect by a long shot and I try doing what is right most of the time. I do not feel pushing your faith on another is right either. What I can say fathers is that having God in your life makes many things a lot more manageable, unless you like to lose sleep and being stressed out. Having God in your life changes the way you think and the way you handle situations. If you are real dad that represents, then you can relate to what I am about to say. The more you push to succeed, the more the devil becomes active to stop you for achieving your goals. This can be done through your job, friends and sadly to say your family. When it hits home I have to fall to my knees and just ask God to keep me when I am not sure what, why, when or where it came from. I do not speak the “blame game”; real men don’t do it any way. I am human I can get angry and sometimes downright disgusted, depending on the situation. That is the beauty of having God in your life, that you can find comfort, patience and peace in Him. I also give praise for all the good I have earned and not earned. Let’s keep it real, God has blessed us when we know we should not be blessed. You have nothing to lose, so keep God as if you keep that credit card in your pocket or purse. Surround yourself around real men who love God. Even with our imperfections, God is a perfect!

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