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Fathers, This month we bring awareness to Cancer and Domestic Violence

Many times, when you hear about cancer and domestic abuse it is refer to woman. However, fathers there is evidence that support that more men are abuse in a relationship than women. The only difference is men do not report it. Many men experience cancer that a life changing events in their lives.

Domestic Violence

In most studies, men are not included when it comes to domestic violence; therefore, people assume that women are the ones being abuse. What is more violent, brandishing a knife at your spouse in the heat of an argument, refusing to wear a condom, or calling your spouse fat or stupid? NISVS did not ask about knife-wielding, but did ask about condoms and name-calling. Men were more often the victims of both psychological aggression (“expressive aggression” and “coercive control”) and control of reproductive or sexual health.

Name-calling is one of the forms of “expressive aggression,” which includes acting angry in a way that seemed dangerous, name-calling and insulting remarks. 5 The other category of “psychological aggression” is “coercive control,” such as restricting access to friends or relatives and having to account for all your time. 6 In the last 12 months, 20,548,000 men (18.1%) and 16,578,000 (13.9%) women were subjected to psychological aggression. For women, this was split evenly between expressive aggression and coercive control, while for men, 15.2% were subjected to coercive control and 9.3% to expressive aggression. The main forms of expressive aggression against women were insults (64.3%) and name-calling (58.0%). For men the top items were being called names (51.6%) and being told they were losers (42.4%) Studies show that men are less likely than women to seek help, and those that do have to overcome internal and external hurdles. What really needs to be done? We need to recognize intimate partner violence by women, understand it, and recognize it as a serious social problem. If women have a man who taught not to ever raise his hands, w women would take that as a sign of weakness and exploit it. Especially if she is the abuser in the relationship. It does not matter what social background you come from. Dads of color, you do not deserve to be abused or administer abuse to another. You need to seek help and guidance from someone who is a professional that can give you tools to handle your situation. Set aside your ego and macho-self to seek help! Your best source of help can also come from friends, loved ones and colleagues. You are never alone fathers! When you experience abuse from another person, get help! Even someone who has strong faith can help.

Fathers see a doctor regularly please. (Cancer is no joke)

Three Most Common Cancers Among Men

Prostate cancer( ) (95.5)

First among White, black, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Hispanic* men.

Second among American Indian/Alaska Native men.

Lung cancer( ) (68.1)

First among American Indian/Alaska Native men.

Second among white, black, and Asian/Pacific Islander men.

Third among Hispanic* men.

Colorectal cancer( ) (44.0)

Second among Hispanic* men.

Third among white, black, American Indian/Alaska Native, and Asian/Pacific Islander men.

Leading Causes of Cancer Death Among Men

Lung cancer (52.0)

First among men of all races and Hispanic* origin populations.

Prostate cancer (19.1)

Second among white, black, American Indian/Alaska Native, and Hispanic* men.

Fourth among Asian/Pacific Islander men.

Colorectal cancer (16.9)

Third among men of all races and Hispanic* origin populations.

Liver cancer( ) (9.5)

Second among Asian/Pacific Islander men.

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