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Fathers The First Day of School Should not be your Last Day!

First day of school should not be the last day of school I love to show up with my daughter on the first day of school. It dictates how her year will be. It is important for all the dads to be with their child on the first day of school. THAT IS WHAT REAL DADS DO! What is not cool are Dads who think providing for the table is just as important to making time through the year to be at the school for the child. Now before you stick your chest out, I do get it that you have to provide for your family. I am extremely busy, but make no excuse in visiting my daughter’s school.

Besides my main job, is my passion, volunteering at schools, speaking engagements, and make appearance at different community events. Dads, it is important to show up because if there is any issue, you can handle it before it manifests. If your child is doing well in school, your presence will motivate the child to continue to excel, because they know you watching. Dads, let us change the stigma that only the moms are showing up for the first day of school. Walk your child to class, greet the teacher, sign up to be a volunteer and lets show that Dads are on Duty in schools.

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