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Fathers Let's Band Together!

There are times we have to communicate with other fathers to understand the situation we are experiencing or going through. What makes us strong as fathers is the ability to continue to learn and adapt. Many times as men our egos, pride or just plain ignorance make us feel that we know it all, until all hell breaks loose. This can be a relationship with sons, daughters spouse, mother-in-law or father-in law. No one never said to be isolated and to carry the weight on your shoulders. Yes, we can pray on the situations, but we also can surround ourselves with good men. Clarification of a good man (father), usually someone who has been through the trenches and came out on top. We all have something to share that we can encourage or empower a new father or a father who has been at it for a while. I strongly believe that if fathers step up and just be real men, there would be less hate, anger, animosity, abandonment issues, self-esteem issue, and crime just to name a few. I’m saddened at times the things I see day in and out. The family structure as we know is becoming less and less. There is so much “ I want” and “Let me get what’s mine” mentality. When this happens, your child always suffer. The madness has to stop. Fathers we must unite and help those who need help, and at least encourage others to being a better father.

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