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Fathers it pays off if you put in the time

There is nothing more rewarding to know your time and energy was worth the time to help another. When you put in the minutes, hours, days and years you want to feel that you have not wasted your time or efforts to see the best in others. There may have been times you felt that during the process it was a mistake or this individual do not deserve your time. You stay and continued to believed that you being there and not giving in to circumstances that all things will work. Many times, you had your own issues. You was trying to stay strong and balance out your life and mentor, teach or give good advice to child or children, and even in your relationship with others (family, wife, girlfriend and fiancé’). It is hard and sometimes can try your patience when things are not going as smoothly as you thought. I always remembered the words of a song. “I pray for you, you pray for me and I love you. I need you, you need me and we are part of gods’ body. You are important to me and I need you to survive.” Stay blessed fathers.

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