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Fathers Handling Pressure in the Workplace and Beyond

For fathers who work hard and are diligent to provide and make a difference in those you love, keep pressing forward. You are not alone when you are being tried, tested, and corrected. I love what I do!

It provides me opportunities to reach many of those who may not hear about or other organizations that are out there to help fathers, mothers and children. However, when trying to make a difference and if you do not belong to a group or clique, it can be at times very challenging for you.

My advice, Weather the storm and do not stop being you and performing at your best level. It can be a blessing in disguise. You can also learn from it, and the next thing you know your name put in for a job positions. When you are going through challenges at work or personal situations, just breathe, pray, and find something that keeps you being positive and productive. We are all not perfect but it’s how we handle challenging situations in the long run that will determine your success in everything you do. One of my favorite sayings that I used to hear was “God would never put more on me that I cannot bear.”

Be blessed fathers!

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