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Fathers, Don't sweat the small stuff!

There are times that we get involved in debates or conversations that are trivial. Many things are more important than getting involved in something you have no control of or not worth it. Easy said than done, I mean that. You have to discipline yourself that you are not going to allowed no one to get you off your peace of mind. Say, what you mean, and mean what you say. Honestly, the person you are talking to is not going understand it, and then again, they may. There are plenty of situations, which need your time and energy to come up with solutions.

I never said that it would be easy. However, you will be better prepared with a clear mind to handle those issued that required your time. You have herd the saying Live, Laugh and Love. Live life to the fullest, and think positive over situations. Live to make a change in you and others that bring positive results, and do not stay if it is not working. You can only do so much. Laugh as much as you can and you will be surprise how it changes you outlook on life itself. I do not mean laugh at everything and anything. I myself laugh at something that I did that is funny or a joke I know it is funny and I have not told it to anyone. Laughing on something that is just outright funny, plus it helps that soul. Trust me! Love because it is the greatest thing to do. Now you can love everyone, but do not expect everyone will love you. Love those who want to be love by you; sadly, many do not know the meaning of love. Fathers at the end of the day there is only so much we can do. Just do it with love and your peace of mind. Nothing wrong with you keeping your peace of mind when other feel they have to have drama. Always pray over the situations and ask God to guide you, because when God tell you to move no one can question you ….

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