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Fathers Day- The Tribute

Mmmmm let's see, I have gotten in debates with other woman over this. Personally I believe Fathers Day is every day. You see the fathers are missing in millions of home of all races and cultures. Men, many of us have fallen short in fathering are children. There's a saying “God will not give me more than what I can handle.” With that being said, for those good men who do this, Fathers Day is everyday for those men who did take care of, love, and involved with their children everyday. Day in and out you work to provide for them, show up and volunteer at your child’s school, do homework​ with them, discipline in love, wipe away their tears, be their biggest cheerleader, nurse them back to health when their sick, and love them through the good and bad. This is just the tip of the iceberg, of what “Good” father's do. Thank you Fathers for those who do it every day from

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