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Fathers, 2018 has arrived!

I want to say that 2017 was a roller coaster, but we made it. God gave us the favor to cross into 2018. Dads from all cultures we must, I say, we must come together in a world that is materialistic and has allowed God not to be the head of our house. We dads, including grandfathers, uncles, and brothers, need to continue to fill the shoes of being a father. Sadly, as I watched 2017 close, I saw more commercials and movies promote dads, only to further the cause of capitalism. These ads and films were not stating the importance of dads being in their children's life. Why I'm so sincere about this. I started to focus on the broken homes and REAL dads being in the home. I recall when I came to Florida in 1990's, and the perception of dads was not that great. We were not given the rights in raising or child or children if we were not involved with the mother. Time has changed, and now it's 50/50 parenting. This works when real good dads are doing right. However, it doesn't work when fathers are acting instead of participating. Moving forward in 2018, this year's theme “YOU ARE EXPECTED TO BE THE DAD YOUR CHILD OR CHILDREN NEEDS YOU TO BE”!

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