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Don't Give Up Dads! 2021 is almost here!

After several months of this pandemic, I have to say that it has been somewhat challenging for Dads, I have good news for you. I know the struggles you face are real, but they are temporary. I have been there many times over, including homelessness, hunger, unemployment, and failed relationships. You see, there was a season I was begging in the food line to take care of my family. I was in the labor line, waiting to work construction jobs. But seasons DO change. However, I never stopped encouraging my daughters to achieve in school or pursue their dreams. My mouth had to be an instrument of encouragement to myself and my daughters, even when challenges were present.

Recently, My wife and I went shopping at Sam's with a cart of food. In the parking lot, I started to give thanks to God on my way to the car. I remember the seasons when I was begging God to provide for me when I was in the food line. I thanked God for when I was hopping from job to job trying to pay bills and rent. I thanked God for my daughters, who have had medical challenges but are still healthy.

That's why I gave thanks in the parking lot of Sam's. I know! No matter your situation, continue to show love to your children. Continue to allow God to stir up your gifts and talents you have to offer the world. Inspire your child or children, love on them through the good and the bad.

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