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Doing it Just Because...

Yes, you are already doing your Daddy duties and representing fathers. Sometimes, father we need to show love to the ladies, especially when its’ been a minute since you did something unexpected. I was reminded of all the things I'm doing for the family. One of the things the ladies enjoy is coming home to something you surprised them with. I would just tell them to meet me somewhere and just hang out have fun. So what I did is bought roses for my ladies, made delicious dinner, set the table for the ladies to enjoy. As soon as they came in the door with the candles going and a card saying “I love you.” (Yes, just for the record THIS Father can Cook!) I could have taken them out to eat or to the movies; instead wanted it to be more personal and from the heart.

We have to sometimes to remember how we met and came together and all the things that made your family happy. Never stop doing the things that put a smile on your face, because when you’re happy everyone around you will be happy. No matter how complex life may get, you are unique, and your family has a thousand reason why they love you. Always continue to do for the ones you love and who appreciate you.

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