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Dads, your well-being is essential! Get back to basics!

We face many challenges, and we must maintain a healthy balance. It can affect our behavior as well as our health. It is essential to find something that gives you harmony and peace. For me, I meditate and read my bible regularly. I pray at any given time. I also will play golf or chess from time to time. I regularly exercise as well. Covid-19 has challenged all of us in so many ways: it is causing break-ups, divorce, sickness, and PTSD. The reason is that many of you have spent so much time hustling and not engaging with each other to grow or learn from one another.

It is sad! We have allowed social media and texting to dictate who we are. Many dads and not just dads get caught up. We can't allow garbage and negativity that enter our minds. We all say we can handle it, but only one can tolerate so much. As fathers, we can use social media in a positive way to help other dads that are struggling with every day of raising their kids. We will always continue to reinvent ourselves to do what is best. There was a time I allowed the election and capital riots to draw me in; however, I stepped back and remembered who's in control and meditated. If you are a dad out there in the trenches, real dads will understand what I'm saying. Take care of yourself! It's not who finishes first; it's how you finish as a dad.

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