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Dads who love Sports... Hang on in there

“Hey! what are you doing ref?” “Oh my god! How can you miss that lay-up.?” “You was wide open and you can’t catch the football!” “We did it, We did it! We are the champions, We are the champions!”

Like you had anything to do with hitting or catching the ball. As Dads, we love the game and will continue to give our expertise on the game and some of us never played a sport. During the summer, there is not much to cheer unless you love baseball. Don't fret, there’s one more month before football and two months basketball season. It’s right around the corner and we can do this all over again. So get your favorite jersey, your favorite gear, and let the smack-talking begin. Get ready to scream and cheer your teams on. By the way…Go Eagles and Syracuse!!!!!

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