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Dads, We hope they use their Heads!

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

So many miles and time put into raising your child /children from kindergarten to high school. Teaching them when to and when not to s they do not find themselves in a situation that can negatively hurt their future. They experienced more things in high school when we went. Sadly, it is in the open, no matter how a school tries to cover all the bases. It cannot because many schools are overcrowded, and they must pick their poison. Even schools that have many cameras, find blind spots to prevent them from being seen. The bright side of this you already instill in them how to handle situations that do occur that involve them. However, when the system fails because a child reaches out to an adult for assistance, and nothing is done there must be a change. Many of the students are there to learn and create their own future. They work hard, and as parents, we are always on them. It is out of love. The last thing a parent wants to hear from their child, they do not feel safe. it does not matter if they do or do not know how to defend themselves. School should not be a place where you are walking the hallways between classes and you smell weed, or individuals having sex in the bathroom and fights are being recorded for social media. It should not matter if it is programming after school, it is still on school property and the school should be accountable for any incidents that occurred. We as parents put our trust in you and expect nothing less when it comes to our precious cargo, you would do the same thing. With any establishment, everyone should be on the same page, and protocol calls in place. I always believed in preventable measurements.

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