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Dads, Summer is here! Let’s make a slight adjustment.

The summer is here dads, and they are home with you. Eating everything in sight and wanting to go here there and everywhere. May I suggest this summer if you want to help your child or children? Break the mold of the everyday festivities. Take the time out to let them know that you are interested in their success as they grow. Take one hour a day and have them read and switch to math, alternating days. Make sure it’s the grade they are going into, and this will help them out tremendously. They will thank you in years to come. We as dad must communicate with the wife or mother of the child to be on board with this. Our child or children can reach their dreams of becoming a doctor, lawyer, CEO, higher Management, federal, web designer, engineer jobs and so much more if we as dads do our part.

On top of that, you have no idea how it makes you feel when your child or children is succeeding, and their smile is priceless. Day in and day out I see many parents and children come through my line of work and saddens me that we are not doing enough for our child or children. To break a cycle of failure and disappointment, we must step up to the plate and make the change. Those fathers that are doing well with your child or children, please don’t forget to keep reinventing yourself to see your child or children are a success and not a statistic.Dad’s summer is here! Let’s make a slight adjustment.

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