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Dads! Quality time with your child, children, or wife goes a long way.

Updated: Feb 19

Easier said than done. With the hustle of everyday life, you can get lost and forget to take the time to quality time. Many opportunities are missed because no one takes quality time seriously. Dads, if you must rearrange your priorities, it is needed. The last thing you want to get a call the unexpected happens because you do not sit down and just listen to your child or children. I regularly ask my child you’re, ok? No, are you alright? Even when they say yes, I am an ok dad! Hey, let me holler at you for a sec. You are surprised by the conversations you have had. There are going to be times you really need to just listen. With texting being the way to communicate, it is not the way to build effective relationships. The last time I check, texting has no feelings. Depends on if you have a girl or boy; take them out. It does not matter if it's a game, park, gym, movies, beach, or shopping. In their mind, it is my dad and me! I see the changes each year, especially in the line of work I do.

I can see the children with dads and without dads' personalities. Only referring to dads that are involved with their child or children. Invest in their God-giving talents, and really be their biggest cheerleader. We are slowly coming out of the isolations of two years of Covid 19. Please remember many of the children need some form of counseling to a certain degree to make sure they are ok with all the restrictions covid 19 has placed on them. Allowed the therapist to make the decision for further sessions. Still, be the great dad you are. Nowadays, everything for the child also applies to your fiancé or wife, just at a different level.

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