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Dads Making a Difference in Schools

One of the best things you can do is find and take the time to help kids who do not have a father figure to look up to or even talk. Dads are needed in the schools to teach young men and women to be encouraged, instead of feeling, they are failures. You can mentor a student and share your failures as well as your successes. The importance of never give up no matter how the odds are against you. I have the privilege to mentor children that were at an advantage and disadvantage. What I mean is that the advantaged students have resources at their disposal, whereas the disadvantaged students had to work with what they have with fewer resources.

However, the students still needed fathers that would mentor or volunteer and take the time to empower, encourage these kids. Not all children come from homes that mom and dad are there. Many times other siblings or grandparents are raising the child or children. If we had more men that where fathers in the school, you have no idea the impact we would have on the behavior that is going on in today schools. I am not trying to take away from the women have done. It just that we as men approach things in a completely different way. You see what goes around in the schools today. Take a hard look at the home life, and you will see who is and not involved in the child life (rich or poor). We are needed whether we like it or not and need to stand up, make the difference while their minds are young. Dads it does not hurt to write a note of encouragement to your child or child you are mentoring that they do matter, especially before a test. For those dads that are still involved, thank you from Dadsbeonduty!

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