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Dads Get up and Go to the Doctor!

Dads and men, this post is to show the importance of going to the doctor. For years men have (real have worked hard and guided their family with the resources they have. They diligently made sure that the family did not go without. So why is it hard for the men to go to the doctors? Research has shown that more than 60% of men do not go to the doctors, and why that is. Many fear that they may have a severe illness. Many men admitted they only go to their physician so that their loved ones will stop nagging them. We rather talk about the job, sports, and current events rather than our health. Let us end with the ego and the macho attitude. Stop or drop! See your doctor regularly after your birthday as a reminder to yourself. There is no need to wait until something is wrong to see a doctor. Be honest with your doctor, even if you have a female physician. Trust me they have heard it all and seen it all. Do your homework and ask the questions that need to be asked. Do not ever assume they know what is going on with YOUR body.

Men, we should be getting prostate cancer, colon and rectal screenings, cardiovascular or coronary artery disease screenings, blood pressure, and diabetes checks. Play it safe men, always practice safe sex and do not think you are the man, “You’re not”! It may sound too corny, it the truth of the matter a woman and unsafe sex practices can bring down the strongest men. So dads and men, do it for yourself first, then for your loved ones. Get up and GO to the doctor!

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