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Dads Family is Important

Wow! I am celebrating my one year anniversary for I'm so excited to continue to bring fresh and new blogs; so let us kick off and talk about families. Today families are so diverse and challenging. Families today are made up grandparents becoming parents of their own grandkids or couples coming together and already have a child or children. Or you already have a family and may choose to adopt or take guardianship for a child. Then you have the traditional family where two people come together and make a child and now there are family. No matter what the setting, good dads are stepping up and rising to the challenge. I have to say for the dads who raise the child that is not their own, my hats off to you. I want to personally thank the dads for always staying in the life of the child and not waiver on being accountable and financial responsibility. You are the Dads that I salute. Thank you for allowing me to give insight and share my thoughts on being a dad.

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