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When raising a child or children, the “dating game” is a little different for us Dads. Trust me to make no mistake that you cannot just think about yourselves and think that you will have a happy home. Dads, it does not work that way. Depending on the age of your child or children, you must always include them in your decisions when dating. At the beginning of meeting someone new, it is no big deal unless it became serious. For me, when I was looking for that special woman, I had already asked the important questions to ask before continuing a relationship with a woman. The one question you should always ask a potential date is “Do you have the child?” AND “Do you love kids?” Be honest dads; let them know how many kids you have and do not sugar coat the topic or lie. This way you will not find “egg in your face” that she did not know. If the relationship is going right, you must have an outing with you, her, and the kids so you know how they vibe. This is nothing to rush, and you must always look at all sides before you decide to take that next step. There is a lot of praying and patience that will go a long way. Just do right by the child, and you will have a happy home. Just remember, a woman you may want to date that has children is also looking at how you deal with challenges when it comes to their child. Trust and communication are crucial. Best wishes on your journey in finding the right one for you!

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