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Dads, Continue to press on!

...Getting bigger and speaking their minds. I’m talking about our child or children. Every year, dads should reflect on how you are doing personally and as a dad what have you done to enable your child or children to do well in school. Just to let you know dads, elementary, middle school and high school are just gateway for a child to prepare to do well in college, university, or performing arts or tech school. The reason I say this for us to break molds that are part of generations dads we must set the standard. Hard truth the system is not for our ladies to depend on to help raise our children. The old saying it takes a village to raise a child, is truer than ever. When a child you see your mindset and know how you became successful, keep in mind theirs all kinds of success. It rubs off of you that your child wants to do well when they can be on their own. Personally, I pray every day, thank God for keeping me. I see firsthand those who plan and those who did not have a plan (parents). I’m glad the media is showing dads in a better light than 10 years ago, for a change. I do my best to encourage father’s ways to talk to their child or children and especially your daughter. Here’s a way to look at it dads, take a circus and all the different acts that are taking place and a ringmaster keeping it all together. You are the ringmaster; you must continuously reinvent yourself to ensure your children succeed.

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