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Dads be a parent is what you do! We must stand for what is right

There is no manual showing how to be a dad, and all those magazines and books who claim this is how you should do your child should be thrown in the garbage. The only thing best book or magazine can do is give advice on someone experiences as being a dad, and that is it. That also includes me. Dads don’t allowed a women to tell or help raise your child or children. This is why there are certain things that a woman can teach a child and there are certain things a man can teach a child. Please do not allow society to raise your child, that’s why many

of the children have no identity to who they are and just as confused. Stop it! I am tired of accepting what society says. Children are being affected by the choices that adults make. Woman to woman or man to man cannot and will never be ever duplicate what a man (husband) and women (wife) can do for the child. It's been proven. This may rub some people the wrong way, but I’m actually saying this out of love and after prayer. You decided to choose the lifestyle you wanted to be. You already hindered the child out the jump because you are truly selfish and not understanding the long- term consequences and therapy that child or children will have throughout their life. You just don’t want to admit. Dads, we need to stand up against this and it is tearing down the family structure. Many of you fell asleep and allowed certain interest groups get into office and that’s why many things are messed up in this county. Stop accepting everything, just because I want to knock someone out for disrespecting me, or being rude to my lady doesn’t make it right. Dads there are so many countries and God is looking at us and shaking their head and laughing at us. This is why I am a parent first and my job as a dad is to give you all the advantages to make and survive in this cruel world. I’ll be your friend after you graduated high school and college and I’ll still be dad too, BECAUSE I LOVE YOU .

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