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Celebrating 4 Years of

I am thankful for creating God allows things to happen to you for a reason, so that one day you can shared with others. My life experiences would be similar to “ a cat with nine lives” bouncing back from challenges in my life. We have to use talents and gifts to empower ourselves and others. It has been a challenge and at times tiresome to bring insight and encouragement for fathers to stay involved with their kids. I am surrounded by individuals who stood with me through the roller coaster moments to keep going. For those who are reading and following me thank you. Please pass the word on to others about Dads Be on Duty. The blogs that we post can help and encourage fathers or mothers on how to approach or deal with real situations and real solutions.

Finally coming in late 2020, I am going live on Social Media to talk with Dads. This will be an opportunity to Fathers to share their experiences and encourage others to step up to the plate and support

Thank you 4 great years! The Best in Yet to Come in Year 5!

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