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Being Quiet is not a Bad Thing

Fathers, sometimes you have to be quiet when times are good and when they are bad. It is hard sometimes. When you decide to do this, many will think that there is something wrong and usually that is not the case. There are times you need to gather your thoughts and step away. Then there are times you just do not want to add to or take away when things are heating up. The truth of the matter, no matter what you do it is going to be interpreted differently than what you are thinking. Still be quiet and do not lose your cool. It’s hard especially when it’s someone you care about. The reason is everyone comes from different backgrounds some good and some bad. If a person comes, from a background, it can be challenging, and you have just to learn or find a way to get past this. You have to know when to walk away and not allow it to get you in a negative mindset. This comes with maturity; you can never change or help someone change his or her thinking. They have to learn on their own, you continue to remember who you are, and stay focus. Be blessed fathers.

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