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Be a Proud Father! School is Back

College and school is just around the corner. YESSSSS!

“Go learn something new. Make us proud, smile, and talk how well you are doing in classes.” Dads want to be able to say that their child is doing well in school. Other parents will be somewhat envious of them or just cannot stand them. Let us keep it real. However, do not be an arrogant dad, that when another father approaches you and ask how you did it, you ignore them. Help them; this is the real opportunity to show how good of a father you are.

It’s easy to deal with your own, but when you are dealing with someone else child, it can be e very challenging. Your child will look at you differently that you took the time to help another father. That will blow their minds and stay in their hearts for years to come. I love when someone asks me “How you do it?” It takes patience and time. So yes, as your children return back to school, while we are getting a much-needed break, reach back and encourage another Dad.

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