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Back to School Dads- A New Chapter


It's a new school year, August 2021

Elementary, Middle, and High schools are fighting for our children's welfare. We are not living in regular times. Every day, COVID-19 cases are rising, and as a parent with a daughter that's been vaccinated, she will be wearing her mask. I know we all want to get back to some form of normalcy, but we are not there yet. We are not transparent and still dealing with those individuals who decided in the beginning and now not to wear their masks. So, dads, please have your children wear a mask until our world gets victory over Covid-19. Love on your children, pray every day over them and educate them the best you know how to. Look after your children especially and show them how to protect themselves from predators. Fathers, teach them to finish what they started and inform them that all their hard work not go unnoticed.

Dads, Rock this school year with your children! Make sure you show up and attend your child’s First Day of School Events, Open House, Meet and Greet, and Parent/Teacher conferences. It is important to them. And it should be important to you.

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