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Always Remember- Dads You Can Make it!

The other day I was listing to this podcast talk show, and all I can say is "Really?" It is not a Black, White, Spanish, or Asian thing. Dads of all race are missing in the homes, so please stop it! Many homes one way or another is hurting when the dads are not a participant in the house. It comes down to mindset dads. Many of you, sad to say is the condition as if your job is to get females pregnant and leave them hanging. How did this way of thinking come about? I recall when I first moved from the North to Florida how men were perceived to be dangerous. This included the dads that are successful because they made excellent incomes versus the men who did not. You cannot understand why the child fails, uses drugs, disrupts the class and commits acts of crimes against their own including shooting at students in the school. Many of you do a lot of talking, yet I do not see you in the trenches trying to encourage the children or dads the importance of just being in the child life. Men get over your egos when someone decides to jump in your place and do something about it. Sadly, we do not encourage or support our own particularly specific ethnic groups. Help other fathers, be a mentor to other children and come up with ideas that empower others. We can learn from one another while making the stigma of Dads of all races go away. For those dads that are representing thank you! May God continue to show favor!

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