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Fathers, it's so easy to have a positive outlook when all things are in place. Life is like a bowl of cherries and our family and children feel the vibe. However, there are times things are not so good and we as fathers can be a little bit temperamental. Now please do not act as if it is not you, we all have lost our cool throughout our lifetime. We can affect all those who are around especially our children. I am guilty, and it does not matter if you are right or wrong when that ugly head sticks out. We have to do better in keeping ourselves in check and learn to deal with the situation in a more peaceful and loving way. Pray over the situation and on our behaviors that flares up. . You have to put in the work, trust me when I say it is worth it, it is. You will be surprised on how your inner circle reacts when there is a situation that needs to be handled, and you are the one who is calm and collective. Also, teach your child or children on how to be at peace and handle situations they may encounter. You will have a better relationship with your spouse if you can communicate effectively, and yes it goes both ways. Until next time peace, love, and happiness.

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