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A letter to my Daughters

The years have gone by, and I still smile and proud of you. From the first time, you came to my world I have done what any dad should do. To show unconditional love for their daughter’s, for God felt that girls I would have. I never regret the decisions that needed to be made, good or bad. From your first dance, award ceremony, to your graduations. To my oldest daughter and my youngest with every breath in me, I would go to the ends of the world to see you happy, because I have to. I live by example and discipline when necessary. The job that God has entrusted me to be a Dad, protector, and man that you see the qualities of what a man should be. Have we had our differences? Yes! However, I still love you! Through the disappointments, the crying, changes in your life , this Dad was there to pick you up. From being bullied to people you thought it was your friends... to me it was a teachable moment, to let you know you did nothing wrong. Let the truth be told; they needed love too. I am your biggest cheerleader and protector all in one because I want your dreams to be a reality.

You have done more than I expected and no one can take that from you. I see things before you do and try to steer you away from so that you never experience events that are not worth your time or energy. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you, praying over you, worry about you. As you get older, remember this; you are in my heart and I genuinely love you and being your Daddy will never change.

Love M.E.C.

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